Read more: 6 min read  〡  Year: 2020 〡  Project: Fictional new app  〡  Client: Wellness Institute 〡  Device: Mobile app  〡Duration:  2 weeks design sprint in duo 〡  Role: User researcher, information architecture, visual user interface, prototyping.
The Wellness Institute as our fictional client wants to explore how they can leverage technology to help people live a healthier life. The institute defines wellness as an active process through which people try to improve or maintain their well-being. But they noticed that despite the vast availability of personal metrics and health apps, people continue to struggle.
We decided to go with Women Period subject. Basically, this idea came from my personal experience and I'm sure that I’m not the only one that struggling in this situation. To prove all the assumptions and everything that came up to my mind we agreed to go further to create a new mobile application from scratch.
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